Microsoft Flow Configuration To SharePoint List

In this article, we are going to see how to create a Microsoft flow to a SharePoint list using inbuilt templates.

Microsoft flow helps to set up automated workflows between apps and services to reminder notifications. Different cloud services use Microsoft flow. Before starting with new flows in office 365 site let's take a tour of SharePoint Workflow and Microsoft Flow.

SharePoint Workflow

Defined as series of tasks which starts in a sequential manner to produce the results, such as approval process, document library, task status, tracking etc. Workflows in SharePoint is an enterprise focused solution which targets automation of business processes that work inside the SharePoint framework.

Microsoft flow

This is a new workflow tool that enables business users to create automation process such as receiving notifications, synchronization to get data between apps and cloud services. Flow helps for automating workflows across a growing number of applications. Flow can take data from External systems to SharePoint lists.

In office 365, Microsoft flow is going to play a vital role to helping to get together different cloud services and apps. It simply drags and drops functionality to help end users to automate business processes through flow. The object of Microsoft flow is to allow business process users to be able to modify and simplify tasks and to get expected outcome.

Here I have created a new SharePoint list named Development, where new courses are entered as new items. Title column is renamed into 'Course' column.

Let’s create a flow to Development List. In the list click on Flow and choose Create a flow.

To get started you can choose flow template. Create a flow from one of many built-in templates. Here I choose “Send me an email when a new item is added to a SharePoint online list” template.

It Sends you or someone else a customized email whenever a new item is added to a selected SharePoint list.

Let’s create flow to SharePoint list. As you see, there are certain steps to create flow.

When a new item is created

It contains your site address and lists the name which you can edit simply by clicking edit option.

Get my profile

No additional step information is needed for these steps.

Send Email

Here you can edit email activities such as Email To, Subject, and Body and also you can add dynamic content such as Created, Created By Department, Created By Email and many more.

This operation triggers a flow when a new item is created in a SharePoint list.

Configure the Flow and then click the Create Flow button. You can create next step as per requirement or can save flow to next plan.

Now, go to list and add new item in Development list.

A flow that sends an email was added to the Development list. Whenever a new item is added an email is sent to mention mail id.

In the above image, the email notification has received the inbox which shows a newly added item, added at (time and date span) and added by (created by) respectively.

Here is  your newly created flow of dashboard. It shows run history status: succeeded with time span.

This way you can add or create flows in SharePoint list.

Happy reading. Any suggestions/feedback are always welcome.

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