Modify, Repair, And Uninstall Visual Studio 2017 Using Visual Studio Installer

This article explains how to modify already installed Visual Studio 2017 using Visual Studio Installer. We can Repair and uninstall visual studio 2017 using visual studio installer. If we missed installing in visual studio we need not uninstall and again install. We can add directly without uninstalling only which we have missed by visual studio installer.

Open Visual Studio Installer

We can open Visual Studio installer if already installed VS 2017. If not installed, we cannot open it because it is not available in our system.

Go to Start >> All Programs >> “Visual Studio 2017” >> “Visual Studio Installer”. Now, click Visual Studio Installer. 

Click “Yes” button and the Visual Studio Installer will open. There are three important options we can see in the installer.

  • Modify
  • Repair
  • Uninstall


Modify is used to add extra features in Visual Studio 2017. If we have already installed Visual Studio 2017 but forgot to install any features, we can use modify option we add new features. We do not uninstall and again re-install full Visual Studio.

First, Click modify we can see already installed features are selected. Now, select what are the new features need to add in Visual Studio 2017. Now we select “Azure development” and we can see the installation size for selected one in right side bottom in Visual Studio Installer.

Now click Modify button, after select what are the features going to add in Visual Studio 2017. We can see the Installation Progress.

After few minutes selected features are installed successfully. Now click lunch and we use what are features installed. We installed Azure development; we can see the all Azure templates looks like below screenshot.


Any problem or corrupted any files in Visual Studio 2017 using Repair, we can resolve all problem.

First, open Visual Studio Installer and Click repair options looks like below screenshot.

After click repair options progress options will be open. The repair will take some minutes to complete. If need to cancel repair in intermediate, click cancel and stop the repair.

After finish repair and click restart button. We should restart our system after restarting will reflect in Visual Studio 2017.


We can uninstall Visual Studio 2017 using Visual Studio Installer. If no need Visual Studio 2017 we can uninstall without go “Programs and Features” in control panel. Open Visual Studio Installer and click uninstall option.

After click uninstalls then click Ok for continue to uninstall looks like below screenshots.

Uninstall will continue after click ok button. Now progress bar will be open and can see the uninstall percentage looks like below screenshot.

After uninstall we can see the likes below screenshot. If need to install again we can install directly.


This article explained about Modify, Repair and uninstall using Visual Studio Installer in Visual Studio 2017. It helps to new learners and those who willing to use Visual Studio 2017.

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