Multi-Desktop Feature in Windows 10

Since the time we have had Windows 10 introduced by Microsoft, there has been a lot of discussion on various features of it.

The one feature though, which I find really interesting, is the Multi-Desktop feature.

I have a habit of having multiple applications/windows/tasks open at the same time. For example, all my Chrome tabs searching on a particular topic would be in one window and all my social media tabs would be in another window and this is for all the applications.
This sometimes makes working really hard as it takes time to figure which window is for what purpose.
Now, with the muti-desktop feature, I can make sure that one desktop contains all my work related to one topic and if I need to check my email, Twitter or Facebook then I can switch to another desktop. 
Here is how we use that option:
Notice the small icon near the windows logo (after you remove Cortana icon, as I have done), as marked in the figure below.
Now, If you click that button, you will get all your open files in the form of tiles (we are all aware how much Microsoft is fond of tiles.).
Please note the "+ New Desktop" option on the bottom right (marked in the figure above). Click on this and then there will be two different desktops just below all the tiles, as in the figure below, 
Now you can easily select the program tiles and drag and drop then from one desktop to another desktop.
This way the files will still be open but you will not have to deal with them until you need them. Also, it's pretty simple and neat to work on one thing at a time using this option.
Please make sure that you can close the entire set of applications inside a desktop by deleting/closing that desktop. So, please save your work before proceeding.

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