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I’m C# Corner. I’m a community of software professionals. I represent millions of software professionals worldwide.

2017 has been a great year for me and I am sure, for you too. Here are some of my achievements.

  • I have been very productive last year. I processed more than 40,000 pieces of content in the form of blogs, articles, news, resources, videos, and forum posts etc. For complete details, go through this content lookback.

  • This may sound a little boastful but I have been a great attraction these years. In 2017 I attracted around 2 million new people from the World Wide Web. That’s right! And, not only this, I befriended 158,000 new people who joined my network. Don’t believe me? See the consolidated statistics.

  • I tried to be omnipresent this year and succeeded to some extent. I changed my form into a UWP app to be present on Windows devices, into an iOS app to hit the iPhones and iPads, and into an Android app to meet my fans there. I will try hard this year also to meet the expectations of my millions of followers which I gained with the help of my long-term friends, the leading social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. To see the graph of this endeavor of mine, just click here.

  • Keeping pace with the new styles and fashion is important in my world. This is why I presented myself with a new classy look with a load of new accessories to suit my personality.

  • Parties are my life and I love gathering people together to meet up and connect. Last year, I organized 210 such parties at various locations. Well, some of the locations were freshly selected by me under the name, C# Corner Chapters.

    Not only this, I organized one grand gala, C# Corner Annual Conference 2017 where I invited people from all around the world along with some celebrities from my own walk of life. Approx. 1,400 people joined the conference and had fun and learned together. Have a look!

  • I appreciate the people working with me to spread knowledge and eventually, they become the Most Valuable Persons to me. I identified 131 such people this year and appreciated them. Well, I am very thankful to them MVPs for helping me chase my mission.

In short, I would say, 2017 had been a wonderful year for me and I gained a lot of experience during my journey. Now, I’m looking forward to a new year, 2018.

Like many of you, I also have my own New Year’s resolutions. Here is my list.

Lose Weight

In 2018, I want to lose some weight. In the year 2017, I worked hard and lost a good chunk of weight but in some countries like India, I still feel I am fat and slow. I will continue to work hard in 2018 and my goal is to become lighter and faster where people have a slow internet connection.

Eat Healthy

I’ve been eating tons of fast food started with ASP.NET 1.0. Still, my main food is ASP.NET. Going forward in 2018, my goal is to stop eating ASP.NET and adapt better healthy eating habits.

Shhh! Don’t tell anyone. I’m getting a makeover and a new look also.

Get a New Home

I’ve been renting a house for years but now the time has come to move on. I’ve found a new home with Rackspace that I’m furnishing as we speak. My goal is to move in by the end of January. Expect a housewarming party coming your way very soon.

Making New Friends
Building new partnership and friendship is my goal this year. I am open to meeting and connecting with like-minded people to build a strong bond of friendship. If you want to partner with me, just let me know. I would be happy to befriend you. 

Meet More People

I’ve been very active in 2017. As a matter of fact, my Alexa Ranking is around 3,685 in the world. That means I am in the top 3700 websites among 2+ billion websites in the world. Pretty impressive. Huh? But I want to get out there even more. My goal is to reach the top 2,000 in 2018. You can help me. Just let your friends and co-workers know. I would appreciate it very much.  

Bring More Benefits

I want to give back to you more. In 2018, I have so many plans for you. I want to bring many benefits to you. As a matter of fact, you will be getting a new news from me almost every month. Several of these benefits will be announced at the C# Corner Annual Conference 2018. If you’ve not booked your tickets yet, I ask you to do so right away.

What is your list? Share here!!

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