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I planned to write about Nintex workflow series. In my article you can see my all Nintex workflow articles.

What is Nintex?

Nintex is a third party tool to work with SharePoint. With Nintex you can handle everything from basic business functions to company-wide processes with a few simple clicks and Nintex workflows are really easy to understand .We don’t want to use any code behind technologies to run this. Some basic logical thinking is enough to work on this.

Nintex workflow will run in a quick time-consuming, manual steps into automated and efficient workflows.

Advantages of Nintex Workflow:

  • Nintex workflow we can complete it an hour, browser-based, drag-and-drop workflow designer.

  • Nintex workflow will reduce IT burden, gain efficiency and reduce processing costs to the Projects and Clients.

  • Nintex forms are made user friendly and simple form for end users.

  • Nintex workflows we can connect to the Cloud stores.

  • Nintex workflow is having more bonding with SharePoint User Interface, It’s tightly integrated with SharePoint and is simple to deploy and manage.

    1. Ribbon Interface in SharePoint
    2. Document Sets
    3. BCS
    4. Excel Services
    5. Reusable, Site, List and Content type workflows

For More details about Nintex Workflow use this Site.

Install Nintex Workflow in SharePoint Online/office 365,

Login to the Office 365/SharePoint Online then click Add an App,


Left navigation side click “SharePoint Store” icon to search the Nointex workflow,


In that Find an app search box enter Nintex workflow,


Click Nintex workflow for Office 365,


Click ADD IT button if you have’t added earlier.

Finally we have added Nintex workflow in our Office 365 environment.

In Part 2 I will add about how to work on this workflow.

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