One Small Word, One Big Difference In Google SERPS

In the world of SEO and Google ranking, keywords play a major role. SEO specialists normally have blogs where they discuss website optimization. In these discussions, keywords emerge quite a lot. The characteristics of these keywords also emerge a lot. One of these characteristics is 'match type'. This is where a specific word is inserted in the search query and it significantly affects the search results. This is because the results have to match this word. This description can be interpreted in many ways. One of the most popular and effective ones is 'best'.

What effect does a match type word have on the search engine and results?

When a user adds the word 'best' to the search results, it makes the engine adjust and adapt. Thus, it gives results that bear specific characteristics. These include,

  • The engine creates ranking bubbles. By reading the word 'best' in the search terms, Google learns that the user expects some sort of ranking in the results. Thus, it comes through websites that have reviews and ratings with the word 'best' in them. After that, it presents these results to the user.
  • The engine also rates all advertisements that have the word 'best' and the rest of the search term. These advertisements are rated with stars and presented to the user. After that, the user can proceed with the results at hand.

Statistical results of including the word 'best' in the search terms

On further analysis of all search queries that have the word 'best' in them, SEO specialists have found something interesting. There are two times more search queries featuring the word 'best' than all other keywords entered in the Google search engine. This could be caused by two unique reasons,

  1. Search engine users are more interested in finding only the best items out of the ones in the market
  2. As a result of this spike in interest, advertisements featuring the word 'best' are more expensive to post in the Google results than other types of advertisements.

How to apply this knowledge about the word 'best' in your SEO efforts

When you use this word in your web pages, it is important to ensure that the advertisements for all your products are well included in the pages. In addition to that, make sure that the inventory you have is enough to appeal to the visitor and make you an authority on what is the 'best' item they could use.

By the time a user requests the best item available, they are aware that they have many options to choose from. As such, ensure that not only does your website have listings or information about a number of items that are similar to each other, you have also pointed out which is the best for them.

As indicated in the statistical results, the keyword 'best' will bring many visitors to your website. Once they get there, it is up to you to ensure that they stay and make a purchase or some other valuable commitment. This is where an SEO tool comes into play. Ensure that you apply the proper strategies that can convert visitors into repeat consumers. In this way, you take advantage of the appeal of the keyword and make it work for you. Keywords such as 'best' are just the beginning of SEO efforts. Here are some other tips according to a top SEO company in the industry.

Perform proper keyword research

It is always important that the content of your website copy is rich in keywords. To increase the chances of being ranked high in the search results, it is crucial to ensure that you include only the keywords that are commonly used by Internet users when they are performing searches online. If you are using an SEO tool to find some keywords, then keep your keyword terms as ambiguous as possible. This gives the tool a chance to give you numerous suggestions of keywords to you. In most cases, they will surprise you because you had not thought of them. In addition to that, the tool will show you the level of competition that each keyword has. As such, you will be able to pick the one that is strategically ideal for your website.

Build a network of high quality links to and from your website

Every webmaster desires a high rank in the Google search results. This rank is determined by an ever-changing algorithm. However, a network of high quality links will never change. As such, despite the changing algorithm, your website will still rank high if you have good quality links into and out of your site.

When creating this network, you should only refer to websites or directories that are reputable when creating links back to your website. If you have relevant and high quality content in your website, then these link backs will boost your rank in the search results quite significantly. If you are using an advanced tool for SEO, you can learn about the state of your competitor's network of links. In this way, you can discover some strategies and use them to move ahead in the rankings.

Always have a site map

It is very important to have a site map for your website. This tool helps visitors navigate your website easier. It also helps the crawlers from search engines to find the pages in your website and conduct searches within them. Thanks to the site map, it is easy to find content throughout your website. This reduces the number of clicks that a visitor has to make to find things in your website. Moreover, a good sitemap generates a great XML version for search engines. This version informs search engines of the pages contained in your website as well as the time and date stamps of the last modification. Thus, make sure that your website has a good sitemap to boost your ranking in search engine results.


Keywords are very important in an SEO effort. When a good keyword strategy is combined with these tips, then your website will rise to the top of the search engine rankings. These tips are a good resource for SEO specialists.