Overview of Azure Security Center

Azure Security Center

Azure Security Center helps you monitor the security of all your Azure subscriptions. It works to identify the vulnerabilities, and alerts you if threats are detected.

If you launch Security Center, the service will automatically begin collecting data from your virtual machines to enable the security monitoring. This data is stored in your storage account(s). You can turn off data collection from your virtual machines at any time, from Azure Security Center Policy.

Policy Components

  • Prevention Policy
  • Email Notifications
  • Pricing Tiers

Let's get started with Azure Security Center

Log in to your Azure Dashboard and click browse option. The browse pop-up appears. In that, scroll down and find Azure Security Center. Click OK, finally. The following window appears.

Security Center

Now, click “Yes I want to launch Azure Security Center” and you will be taken to the page shown below.

Security Center

Mainly, Azure Security Center focuses on the following things.

  • Prevention
  • Recommendations
  • Detection

    Azure Security Center

Resource health is monitored under “Prevention” window and it is categorized  into two.

  • High Severity
  • Low Severity


If we click Security Policy Tab, the following window appears. Then, click the arrow that is available before your name of the subscription. In that, security policy defines the security policy per subscription or resource groups.

resource groups

Security Center Alerts display alert and warning messages to the users about their resource group.

Access a prioritized list of alerts detected through the analysis of network traffic and virtual machine behavior along with alerts from integrated partner solutions. Click an alert for additional information and suggestions on how to mitigate the threat.

 Security Center

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