Overview Of App Catalog For Sharepoint Online

SharePoint App catalog is used to upload your custom apps and make them available to your organization.

Find Below steps to learn about App Catalog,

  1. Create App Catalog in SharePoint Office 365
  2. Upload app file to Library
  3. Deploy the app to Specific Site Collection
Step 1 - Create App Catalog in SharePoint Office 365
  • Open Share Point Central Admin of Office 365.
  • Select the Apps in left Navigation and click on App Catalog on the right side of the screen.

  • You can create New App Catalog, so select the Create a new App catalog site and then click on OK.

  • Give title, Website Address, time zone and Administrator of the App Catalog. Finally Click on OK.

  • Successfully, the  App Catalog site collection has been created. If you want to upload the app to App Catalog, click on the app of the left navigation and click on App Catalog.

  • It will open App Catalog site collection. On the left navigation, open the Apps for Share Point link,

Step 2 - Upload App file to Document Library 
  • Select New and upload your custom app.




  • I have uploaded Test Share Point Hosted App app to document library for testing purpose. You can upload your custom app to this library. After uploading, it will show App Name, version, product id and etc. as an item in the library.

Step 3 - Deploy App to Specific Site Collection
  • Go to your Site Collection, open then Site contents page from right hand side.

  • Add an app to your Site collection and select your Test Share point Hosted App to deploy.
  • New-> App-> select your custom App. In my case, I am selecting Test Share point Hosted App.

  • Trust the app for the Site and Trust it.

  • It will deploy the app to that site collection.

  • After Successful deployment, open the app.

  • It will open your app successfully.

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