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Till now whatever we are doing is in single Page and the travesing between Forms take place only in a single Page. If you remember Something of WML there our most effective funda is Posting from one form to other.Let us come here back and think that how come we will go from one Page to other  .Yes Mobile Form do  have something like Post .How can you go for it.

Here by I am showing a simple Example through which you can Traverse from one Form to the other Page.

Source Code

//Here is the First Page let saved as PostExam.aspx
<%@ Register TagPrefix="Mobile"Namespace="System.Web.UI.MobileControls"
<%@ Page
="System.Web.UI.MobileControls.MobilePage" Language="CS" %>
<mobile:Form runat="server" Method =post Action="postexam1.aspx" ID="Form1">
mobile:Label runat="server" ID="Label1">Aardvark</mobile:Label>
mobile:Label runat="server" ID="Label2">Bear</mobile:Label>
mobile:Command runat="server" id="Button">
//and here is the second one which will be activated after the Go button Click
//save it as PostExam1.aspx
<%@ Register TagPrefix="Mobile"Namespace="System.Web.UI.MobileControls"Assembly="System.Web.Mobile"%>
<%@ Page
="System.Web.UI.MobileControls.MobilePage" Language="CS" %>
<script language ="c#" runat="server">
public void Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e)
WelcomeMessage.Text = "Welcome to Next Form;
<mobile:Form runat="server" ID="Form1">
mobile:Label id="WelcomeMessage" runat="server">

This is pretty simple example to traverse but still to trace out how to take out the control Values from One Page to Other Page.One simple and straight way to call the same Page store the value in Session and Traverse to the next Page use something like Redirect.But no I am not looking for this don`t go this crude way as half of the gateways and 3/4 the devices can`t hold of Session  so tell me something smooth or be stay ahead till i will be back......

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