Power BI And Excel File As Data Source

Though we have several options for data sources to connect with Power BI but in this blog, I am going to write how we can use Excel data with Power BI and how to refresh the report when the Excel data is changed.

We can sign up to Power BI for free. 

I am going to connect Excel sheet which is available in SharePoint Online site, to generate the reports in Power BI.

For that, go to My Workspace => Get Data => Files => SharePoint.

Type in the URL of the SharePoint site.

The below screen will appear with Document libraries in the site.

Select the appropriate file as shown below.


Click "Import".


Now, in the below screen, the Power BI displays its natural language capabilities, which shows that we can create dashboards and reports as per the data in the Excel sheet.

I have created a report SALE 2015, SALE 2014, and SALE 2013. By clicking "See data", we can expand the Report View.

If we want to publish this report to the web, click on the file and select "Publish to web".

In the below screen, I do not have the option for publishing to SharePoint because I do not have Pro Power BI license.

As shown below, copy the embedded code.

Paste the embedded code in the Embed code web part, save the page. Given below is the graph that can be seen.

The embedded code we are using can be added on any internet site irrespective of rights for the user and if we want to delete the code, we can do it too. Just follow the below steps.

Click on "Manage Embedded Codes".

Click on "Delete" for the embedded code of the "Sales by year" report.

How to refresh the data in a report when the Excel data is changed.

Under My workspace => Datasets, click on Dataset.

Click "Refresh Now".

It will get refreshed.