Publishing A Website To Azure, The FTP Method

In the previous article, we have seen how to publish a Website, using Visual Studio. Here, we are going to do the same via FTP.

I have already created a Web app in the Azure portal (check this article). By selecting our Webapp, we can see the FTP hostname in the dashboard to which we have to connect, using the user name given above the FTP hostname.


In the deployment credentials, you can set the password also for the access.


Here, I am going to use a FTP client called FileZilla. You are free to use any other clients according to your desire. Copy and paste the FTP hostname. Provide your username, password and connect to it. On the connection, it will list the directory of the Server, as shown below.


Navigate to the site and then to the wwwroot directory, where you can see the files. Here, I am going to remove the default.html file and add a new index.html file, which I created with just a simple text “This Webpage is published by FTP”. After adding, if you check the domain, you can see that the Web page is also updated with the new page, which we published directly via FTP. 


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