Quick Insights With Power BI

If someone sends you an Excel or a CSV file, how will you get insights from the data?

Some might start by looking at the rows and columns. Some might start by building pivots and then trying to analyze the data but for Power BI Website users, there is a great feature to get the insights of the data called Quick Insights.

Let's assume that you have received an Excel or a CSV file, which contains all the data related to defects or bugs from a system and you would like to see insights of this data quickly.

With Power BI, see how quickly we can do it.

Open an Excel or CSV file and format the data as a table, using 'Format as Table' option from Microsoft Excel and save the file. I have bugs data downloaded as CSV file.

Open Power BI Website, using URL https://app.powerbi.com/ and Click Get Data > Import or Connect Data > Get option.

This will ask to choose file location. Since I have saved to my local machine, I will choose Local File option to load the file to Power BI.

Once file is successfully imported, Power BI dataset will be created and notification is shown below.

You will notice a link for Get Quick Insights to see the actual insights from the data. Click on the link and discover what information we will get about the bugs data.

The screen given above is shown for data insights and Power BI applies Machine Learning based algorithms shows us data insights once they are ready to view. Data Insights can be seen, as shown below.

Some of the types of algorithms used by Power BI and their outputs are shown below.

Majority shows most of the bugs are in ‘Resolved’ state.

Category shows most of the bugs are unassigned.

There are various other insights, so go ahead and start discovering your data with Power BI - Quick Insights.

Of course, this is a basic data insight. You can further use your own intelligence and analytical abilities to get more insights.

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