Resolve "Specified Value Is Not Supported For The DomainName Parameter" Error in SharePoint Configuration

Once SharePoint is installed, we have to run the configuration wizard, which will create the configuration database and set up the farm. Once SharePoint products and configuration wizard runs to completion, we land on the SharePoint farm configuration wizard. This wizard will help in configuring the Service Applications in one go. You can either start it, do the configuration of all the Service Applications together or you can click cancel and configure the Service Application on an as-needed basis. The benefit of starting the wizard is that all the Service Applications can be created in a single step, however it comes with a drawback – the same managed account will have to be used for all the Service Applications and we cannot specify the custom names for the Application pool and the databases associated with the Service Application.

In order to create the Service Applications, we will need a managed account. I have created a managed account, which is nothing but a domain user in the active directory.

Now, let’s head back to the configuration wizard, specify the managed account and password in the Service Applications and Services page. I have added the managed account in the format "Full Qualified Domain Name\Managed Account”. Click Next.

It seems there is some problem. It throws an error page in the Browser.

It shows the error “Specified value is not supported for the domainName parameter”. If it is in SharePoint 2010, the error message will be like: “Specified value is not supported for the {0} parameter”.

Work around

It turns out that we have to use the NetBIOS domain name, which we had mentioned during the creation of the domain in the Active Directory Domain Services configuration wizard.

We cannot use fully qualified domain names here. In my case, the fully qualified domain, I had been using was: ‘AzureAD.Contoso.Com’. I changed it to NetBIOS Domain Name: ‘AzureAD’, as shown below and the error was gone.

FQDN – Domain.Local\ManagedAccount
NetBIOS - Domain\ManagedAccount

However, the default NetBIOS domain name does not necessarily have to be the leftmost label in the DNS fully qualified domain name. In such a case, we will have to make sure that the NetBIOS domain name, which we are going to use, is the correct one.

How to get the NetBIOS Domain Name?

NetBIOS stands for Network Basic Input/Output System. It is specified during the configuration of the active directory domain controller.

The script, given below, shows how to find the NetBIOS name of the ‘AzureAD.Contoso.Com’ domain.

Get-ADDomain –Identity AzureAD.Contoso.Com

Running this script in the PowerShell console will fetch the AD domain information, where we can see the domain name as well.

Thus, AzureAD is the NetBIOS domain name for AzureAD.Contoso.Com domain.Thus, let’s specify the domain name as AzureAD and specify the managed account credentials. Click Next.

This time, it proceeds without any problem. If this still did not solve the problem, try restarting the DNS Service and see if the error is still present.


Thus, we saw, how to resolve the error: “Specified value is not supported for the domainName parameter”, which might occur during SharePoint Service Application configuration.

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