Reverse Proxy Using Azure Functions Proxies

Azure App Service team released in the end of February/2017; a new feature called Azure functions proxies, which is currently in public preview.

With this, you can define an endpoint that serves as a reverse proxy to another API, another function app or anything else.

In this quick article, we'll learn how to create an Azure function proxy to serve as a reverse proxy to static files, which are hosted on Azure Blob Storage.

Creating a proxy

  1. Open Azure portal and navigate to New-> Compute -> Function app.

  2. Set the required fields to create your Function app.

  3. After the provisioning, navigate to your function app.

  4. In the left-hand navigation, select New proxy.

  5. Provide a name for your proxy.

  6. Configure the endpoint exposed on this function app by specifying the route template.

  7. Set the backend URL to your Azure Blob Storage endpoint.

    It is thstatic, which is the name of my Storage Account and site is the name of my container.

  8. Click Create.

  9. Click Function app settings.

  10. Make sure that your proxy is enabled.

  11. Make sure that your proxy uses the latest version of proxy runtime version: latest (~0.1).

All you need to do is add some static files to your blob storage and test it.

Your proxy now exists as a new endpoint on your function app. Your customers don't know that Azure Blob Storage serves static files.

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