Revolutionize Your Four Ways To Use Ink In The Windows Maps App With Easy Tips In Windows 10

Now and then it can be extremely helpful to know the direct distance between two points on a map. This is conveyed by the separation from point A to point B.

The up-to-date respectable maps app on Windows 10 integrates one of the gigantic new features in the Windows 10 anniversary update, Inking, into its set of instruments and one of those alternatives is the capacity to draw a line between two points to discover what that separation is.

Opening the Maps application, essentially scan the start Menu for Maps; it appears in the higher right-hand corner of the application window for the toolbar, as shown in below picture.

  1. Select this symbol to open the Windows Ink Toolbar.
  2. Pick this icon to turn on the measure distance characteristic.
  3. On the off chance that you don't have a pen or stylus then opt for this icon to use your finger to draw on the map. 
Let’s take a look now at how to revolutionize your four ways to use ink in the Windows Maps App.
Use the ruler for perfectly straight lines on your map
One can utilize the ruler to draw straight lines specifically on the guide to diagram a territory. Moreover, the device can likewise be utilized as a part of the blend with the measure remove instrument to get the separation between different points. The entire ink stage helps  the ruler application. You can rotate it with two fingers or drag it around with a single finger as shown in below picture.

Discover a route and find distances
With implicit measure software in the Windows 10 Maps App, you can easily find out the length of your walk, ride, or kayak route. Just discover a route on the map, and the application will ascertain the gap to arrive  at the destination for you, as shown in below picture.

Markup and add notes to your map
Once you are aware of the route to arrive at your destination, you can increase and add notes to the map. Comments on maps and diagrams remind you about famous venues and uncommon spots, so you don't miss them in your agenda.
Customize your guide by including points of interest, checking spots and commenting on your arrangements, much the same as you would on a general paper map, as shown in below picture.

Draw a Line between two Points to give Instant directions
Making use of  the Windows Ink characteristic, you can draw a line between your starting point  and vacation spot. Subsequent to propelling the Maps application, simply scan the Start Menu for Maps and search for the toolbar in the upper right-hand corner of the application window.
Conveniently draw a line between your starting and ending points, and the Maps application will rapidly change over your ink into a course and give you directions. As shown in below picture.

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