Save Email Attachment To A SharePoint Document Library Using Microsoft Flows

Follow the below given points,

  1. First log in, using your business account.

  2. Click the “Browse” option, shown on top of the page, as shown below:

  3. Here, you will be able to see the flow templates from Microsoft.

  4. Select “Save my email attachment to a SharePoint document library” template.

  5. Next, screen will be shown, as shown below and click Use this template.

  6. It will redirect to the flow design page and looks similar to Nintex workflows.

  7. Here is the exact image of the screen below:

  8. Select the connection, if you have already created a new connection by selecting the option shown below:

  9. It will ask to login in the next screen, as shown below:

  10. Log into your account. Here, it will create the connection and it will add your Email to the flow.

  11. Once you are done with the above step, select SharePoint online connection or create a new connection, as explained above.

  12. It will be shown in the screen shown below and click “Continue” button.

  13. In the next level, it will be shown as shown below once you click the continue button.

  14. Now, click the first option to select the mail folder. Here, you can select the folders like the inbox or sub folders.

  15. To add more filters, click the menu, as shown in the image below:

  16. It will open more options to add more filters, as shown below, but these are not the mandatory fields.

  17. Click the “Create a file” option to add the site where you want to create the file. It will open, as shown below:

  18. Select the URL by clicking the down arrow.

  19. Once you have selected the URL, you can select the library by clicking the menu shown in the screen below:

  20. It will show the folders and the libraries, as shown in the screen below and select any document library where you want to create a file. Here, I am selecting “SiteAssests” library.

  21. Click choose and then it will set the folder path.

  22. Select the file name - Name and File content - Content

  23. Give your own flow name and create the flow.

  24. Now, your flow is ready to test. Please send a test mail to your Email with an attachment. It will create a file in SharePoint site ->SiteAssests library.

You can create more flows, using templates. Please comment below for more suggestions.

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