Service Assurance On The Security And Compliance Center On SharePoint Office 365

Welcome to an article on service assurance on the security and compliance center in SharePoint Office 365.

  • Everyone asks, is using the Cloud safe for my business?
  • Will hosting the documents in other countries break their laws?
  • Is my data protected?
  • Can the government sue me for my data?

Such questions occur  when you want to move your organization to Cloud, and for this purpose, we have service assurance from Microsoft to help us.

If you are a tenant administrator, open your Office portal and click on “Security & Compliance.”

You will reach your security and the compliance center.

Service Assurance

There are standards that need to be maintained, based on your region and on your industry. Microsoft helps in this regard and will help you to get the certificates and  pertinent documents. How? Let’s see it.

Region and Industry Settings

It states “The Microsoft Cloud service assurance portal, that contains Microsoft's confidential information. By accessing or using this Web site, you agree not to disclose such information without Microsoft's prior written consent.

Select one or more regions and the industries that are applicable to your organization and we will make sure to provide you with the service assurance resources, that matter most to you.”

Here, you access the region and the nature of the industry, as for example, I select South America and a Non- profit industry.

On the selection, Microsoft will provide you with all the details required for that region and for that industry, required to secure your documents.

View trusted Documents provided by Microsoft

Under this section, you can view all the documents provided by Microsoft, based on the nature of your industry and region.

View Service Compliance reports

Microsoft will also provide you with the reports which have been created by the third parties to ensure you are in compliance with the terms of GRC Assessment Reports, ISO Reports and SOC/SSAE 16 Reports; and that your documents are secured on the region with your nature of the industry.

Here, in this article, we saw how Microsoft assures you that Office 365 is committed to helping you to stay compliant with the standards that matter to your organization. There is always more to learn. Keep reading & keep learning.

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