SharePoint 2013 - How To Migrate SharePoint 2010 Style Workflows - Part Two

In the first article, SharePoint 2013 : How to migrate SharePoint 2010 Style Workflows – Part 1 , on the Workflow migration Process we saw the execution of Steps 1 & 2 for the process.

In this article we are going to see the execution of Steps 3 & 4 and for the sake of a quick review I am putting up the process diagram again here.

Process Diagram

Step 3 - Source Site – Create Workflow

  • Launch the SharePoint 2013 Designer
  • Connect to the Source Site “Site001”
  • Click on the Workflows section on the left
  • Click on the “Reusable Workflow” Ribbon Control


  • Specify the Workflow Name “CustomerLogs”
  • Select “CustomerCT” content type that we had provisioned in the earlier steps
  • And since this demo is to show how to export SharePoint 2010 Style Workflows so we should choose the Platform Type as “SharePoint 2010 Workflow”
  • Click OK to save the Workflow


We can see the new workflow created under “Reusable Workflow” Category


Step 4 - Source Site – Test Workflow

Now we have to associate “CustomerLogs” workflow with Content Type “CustomerCT”

To add the association go to Site Settings > Site Content Types


Filter the content types by group “Custom Content Types”

We can see the “CustomerCT” Content Type available in the Site Content Types List

Click on “CustomerCT” Content Type and edit it

Under Settings section click on the “Work Settings”
Click on “Add a Workflow” Link
Under the Workflow Section you should see the “CustomerLogs” workflow list in Workflow Template list and specify a suitable name as “Customer Logging” in this case

Save the Workflow Settings


Now we can see new instance of “CustomerLogs” workflow associated with “CustomerCT” content type17
Now let's create a Test SharePoint List to verify the Workflow is working fine in association with Content Type

  • Go to Site Contents
  • Select “Custom List” list template to create a list

Let us call this list “Customers” and click “Create”


We can see the Customers List was created a successfully


Now we need to add CustomerCT content type to the Customers list

  • Go to List Settings
  • Click on the “Advanced Settings” link


  • Select “Yes” under “Content Types” Section
  • Save the settings

Click on the “Add from existing content types” link and select the “CustomerCT” content type


Now create a new item based on CustomerCT content type


  • Add suitable values to the fields

Since we did not configure the “CustomerLogs” Workflow to start automatically on “Item Added” or “Item Updated” we need to manually start it
Now let's review the workflow status

Click Ellipsis and select Workflows to get the Workflow Start Page

Click on the Customer Logging workflow to start29

Click on “Start” button

And we got the workflow started & completed
We can verify the Workflow Status and also the message logged by it to the history log

That is all for this demo.

We will be looking for Step 5 & 6 in Part 3 of this Series.

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