SharePoint 2016 Central Admin - Application Management - Change Site Collection Administrators

When you click on the "Change Site Collection Administrators" link, you will land on "Site Collection Administrators" page. This page will let change/ remove/ add the primary or secondary site collection administrators.

"Change Site Collection Administrators" page’s direct link - /_admin/SiteAndListExport.aspx

The SharePoint Site collection administrator has full control in the site collection. A site collection administrator can change the appearance of the site collection, get alerts on Quota warnings, add users in the admin group, configure the search site collection settings, access to sites with broken inheritance and much more. Most importantly, this is the person who receives email from system for auto site deletion.

Every site collection must have at least primary site collection admin but we have an opportunity during creation of site collection to add a secondary site collection administrator. Primary or secondary can add even more admins by going to site collection settings.

On this page, we can view, add, remove, and change the primary and secondary site collection administrators for a site collection.


Only a valid single user can be the primary or secondary administrator of the site collection. No security groups are supported in these fields.

Change the Site Collection Administrator

We want to change the Secondary Site Collection Administrator of KrossFarm Site. Please follow the steps given below.

  • Make sure, you are logged in with farm administrator account.
  • Go to the "Change Site Collection Administrator" page

  • We want to change the Site collection administrator of Krossfarm team site. Let’s select the correct Site collection.
  • Click on the arrow next to Site collection (right-hand).

  • Now, click on KrossFarm Site collection and Click OK.

  • The following page will be displayed.

  • Now, replace the Kftest to Waqas Sarwar and click "OK".

  • Now, Waqas Sarwar is the secondary Site collection admin for the site collection.

Remove the Site Collection Administrator

Now, let's walk through the steps to remove the secondary Site collection administrator from root Site collection. Please follow the steps below.

  • Make sure that you are logged in with farm administrator account.
  • Go to the "Change Site Collection Administrator" page.

  • Now, simply remove Waqas from secondary Site collection administrator filed and click OK.


I have been asked this question, if we removed the user from here will it removed from the Active Directory? No, this action will not remove the user from the Active Directory, it will only remove from the site collection administrator group only.


One thing keep in mind, you can’t remove the Primary Site collection administrator, you have the option to replace it.

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