SharePoint 2016 Central Admin - Application Management - Configure Quotas And Locks

When you click on the Configure Quotas and Locks Link, you will land on Site Collection Quotas and Locks page. This page will let you change the quota template or individual quota values for a Web site collection, or clear a lock set by an application or caused by exceeding a quota or locked manually for some reason.

Direct link to Site Collection Quotas and Locks page is (/_admin/sitequota.aspx)

On this page, we can control the Site collection lock status as well as the site collection storage.

We can control the site collection storage, resources usage for the sandbox solutions and more over we can lock a site collection. Initially, when a new site collection provisioned, we assign some storage quota to it.

There are a couple of reasons why we reach this page on central admin.

  • If a site collection reaches its allocated storage quota, then that site collection is locked & marked as read only.
  • If we want to change the storage quota of site collection
  • If we want to increase / decrease the resources usage of site collection
  • If we want to lock / unlock a site collection for any reason.

We can use the lock status option to control the status of site collection. There are 4 lock types available in SharePoint 2016.

  1. No Lock: this mean site is not locked at all and is accessible for all operations (read / write).
  2. Adding content prevented
    In this lock type, user will not able to add the content to the site collection but still they can update or delete the items.

  3. Read-only (blocks additions, updates, and deletions)
    If site collection locked as read only then user cannot perform any action expect the reading the content. User cannot add, update, delete or move them. There are two types of read lock,

    1. site collection administrator controlled
    2. farm administrator controlled

  4. No Access
    Once a site collection is locked as No access then no one can access it, user cannot see anything rather they will see an error in the browser that cannot show the web site.

To lock a site collection

In this section, we will lock the site with no access.

  • Make sure login with farm admin
  • To select right site collection, Click on DropDown arrow next to Site Collection.

  • On new popup, Select TestWaqas site collection then click

  • Now you will see the TestWaqas as selected site collection.

  • We have to Select the No Access as lock type. Provide the comment in the Additional lock information.

  • Click OK

  • Now if you try to open the site collection in browser then get this 403 FORBIDDEN

To Change a quota of site collection

Please follow the below steps to change quota of the teamwaqas site collection.

  • On Site quota and lock page.
  • Make sure correct site collection is selected.

  • Now under Site Quota Information, Select the Individual Quota.

  • Enter 5000 MB in Limit Site Storage to a maximum

And 4500 MB in the warning box.

  • Click OK

In this article, we follow the steps to lock the site with no access and also increase the quota of site collection.