Create A New Azure SQL Database – Part Two


  • Azure account.

Now let's get started with the following steps,

Create a new Azure SQL database

Step 1-
 Sign in to the online Microsoft Azure Portal.

Step 2- Click New, type SQL Database, and then click SQL Database.


Step 3- Click SQL Database (new database).

new database

Step 4- Click Create to create a new database in the SQL Database service.


Step 5- Provide the values for the following server properties,

- This applies only if you have multiple subscriptions.

Resource group - If you're just getting started, use the resource group of the logical server.

Select source - You can choose a blank database, sample data, or an Azure database backup. To migrate an on-premises SQL Server database or load data by using the BCP command-line tool, see the links at the end of this article.

Server - A new or existing logical server.

Database name

Pricing tier - If you're just getting started, use the default value S0.

Collation - This applies only if a blank database was chosen.


Click Create. In the notification area, you can see that deployment has started.


Then few minutes later we will get New Azure SQL Database.

New Azure SQL Database


In this article we discussed about how to create a New Azure SQL Database by using Azure Portal.

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