Understanding Azure Subscription Bill In Microsoft Azure Portal


  • Azure account.

Now, let's get started with the steps, given below:

View or download a bill for Microsoft Azure

Step 1: Sign in to the online Microsoft Azure Portal.

Step 2: Click the Subscription option.

Step 3: Next, click your subscription ID.
subscription ID  
 Step 4: In Azure Pass Subscriptions blade, click Manage option.   

Step 5: Next, we will get a Summary for the Azure Subscription page.Summary

Step 6: In the Summary Page, click Billing History.
Billing History 
Step 7: The Billing History section lists our statements for prior billing periods and the current unbilled period. This information is only updated daily. It may not include our all usage, incurred till the date and our monthly bill may differ from this estimate.

Billing History

Step 8:
Click View Current Statement to view an estimate of our charges of the particular time and the estimate is generated.

View Current Statement 

Analyze daily usage data

Step 8: Click Download Usage and choose a comma-separated variable file (.CSV) version to see our daily usage data for the appropriate billing period.
Analyze daily usage data

We can download a sample .CSV file for each version, given below:


In this article, we discussed Azure Bill in Azure portal.

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