Unit Conversion Tool for Pocket PC with Compact Framework

Though there is long time to go for version 1 for Compact Framework lots of Programmer will start working on it and getting use to it before final version comes in market.

I have created Unit conversion tool to calculate conversion from 16 different types, this tool can be very handy to technical persons any that too when its in PocketPc.

I have taken out Conversion factors from my grand old Lotus Spreadsheet ( Dos Based) which I wrote back in 1992, Although most of conversion factors are correct I cant take responsibility of  there accuracy( I havent got time to recheck ).

ConverterData: I have Implemented Conversion logic in separate Class ConverterData in which I have all data and Method for conversion, I have kept data of Conversion types in to string array, string jagged array contains all units Names. And Double jagged array contains conversion factors for corresponding Names.

Is a form containing user interface for Unit Converter.

I have used Tab Control for Showing different unit types, one important thing I havent placed my components on panels of tab, they are directly on form, so that I do not have to remove same components from one panel to another panel when user changes panel.

I am dynamically inserting values of panel tab on startup and value of list box that contains conversion units when ever tab changes.

There is very little difference between way of programming in regular windows application and Compact framework PocketPc application but one of the important thing is to take due consideration for processing power available.

Also read articles by John O'Donnell to get started with pocket pc application on C-Sharp Corner.

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