What C# Corner Can Do For You

In my previous article, Mindset of a Growth Community, I talked about a community and the thought process behind running a community. In this article, my focus is how C# Corner members can benefit from being engaged in the community.

C# Corner

Learn and stay up to date

In today’s world, it is difficult for developers to keep up to date with technology. Every day, there is a new product out there. One of the best things developers can do, is read regular news and updates. You can stay up to date with the latest technology news by visiting C# Corner News section.

C# Corner

C# Corner also offers articles on the latest technologies, mostly contributed by its members. You’ll often find new technologies added to the categories. 

Improve communication

If you’re one of the authors on C# Corner, you may already have realized how much you improve your communication, writing, and speaking. Our editors and reviewers constantly give you feedback on your content improvements.

C# Corner

C# Corner gives you access to millions of users who can help give you feedback, comments, and engage with you on your content.

C# Corner

Build and grow your professional network

C# Corner offers opportunities to build your real professional network, online and offline. C# Corner allows you to find, follow, and connect with other members and communicate with them. You can meet C# Corner members via local C# Corner chapters and conferences.

C# Corner
Help in getting a better job

C# Corner is partnering with several companies, recruiting agencies, and startups to offer jobs to its members. Currently, C# Corner’s Job portal offers job opportunities in limited cities but eventually, our goal is to grow this to other major cities.

C# Corner
Speaking exposure

Attending C# Corner local chapters is one of the easiest ways to get involved in the community speaking. C# Corner MVPs and authors get a chance to speak at local user groups and chapter events.

C# Corner

The C# Corner Annual Conference is one of the most prestigious conferences around the globe. Selected C# Corner MVPs get a chance to speak at the conference before thousands of professionals.

C# Corner
Authoring opportunities

Many C# Corner authors have become published authors. Technical book publishers and editors often visit C# Corner to scout new talent and contact them via the community. As a matter of fact, my first book authoring contract, which I received from Apress, was through C# Corner.

MVP Award

C# Corner MVP award has become a prestigious award among technical contributors and authors. Sometimes, the C# Corner MVP award also leads to a Microsoft MVP award. Many C# Corner MVPs are also Microsoft MVPs.

C# Corner
You can find a list of current C# Corner MVPs here.

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