What Is Azure IoT Edge

Intelligent cloud was one of the core messages from Microsoft at the #MSBuild 2017 this week. According to Microsoft, Azure is the most intelligent cloud out there. Now, Microsoft wants to expand Azure’s intelligence to the apps, and devices. 
At the #MSBuild, Microsoft announced a new Azure offering called Azure IoT Edge that allows developers to build, and distribute Azure cloud intelligence to local IoT devices. The Azure cloud intelligence offerings as a part of Azure IoT Edge includes the following services: 
  • Azure Machine Learning
  • Azure Stream Analytics
  • Azure Functions
  • Artificial Intelligence, including Cognitive Services
  • Azure IoT Hub communication and device management features 
Azure IoT Edge runs on both Windows and Linux, and IoT devices such Raspberry Pi. The minimum memory requirement of Azure IoT Edge is 128MB RAM.
Watch this video to learn more about Azure IoT Edge.



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