What To Expect In Surface Pro 5

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 has become a worldwide success story. Not only the tablet lovers but professional developers like myself are using Surface Pro 4 for their daily work. As matter of fact, my Surface Pro 4 has replaced my regular laptop, Sony Vaio Pro 13 and I love it. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next product, Surface Pro 5.

My guess is, the Surface Pro 5 will be available sooner than later and my reason of saying so is quite simple. I see heavy discounts on Surface Pro 4 on Microsoft Store and other retailers. That’s an early sign of new product going to hit shelves sooner than later.

This is what I expect in new Surface Pro 5. Please keep in mind, these are my predictions (nothing official) or let’s say, it’s my wish list. Some of the data is collected from the rumors available on the Web.

Higher Screen Resolution

Surface Pro 4 has a 12.3-inch, 2736x1824 screen resolution. Expect a 4K screen resolution for Surface Pro 5.

Better Camera and Speakers

Surface Pro 4 has a 5.0MP front and 8.0MP rear facing cameras. I expect at least go to the next level with 12.0MP camera(s). I also expect better speakers in Surface Pro 5.

Longer Battery Life

Microsoft just announced major improvement in its Surface Book’s battery life. Expect more battery time in next Surface Pro 5. Surface Pro 4 has up to 9 hours battery life but with Windows Hello and others running, it lasts less than 4 hours only.


I expect at least one more extra USB port in Surface Pro 5.

Surface Dial

Microsoft announced its new device, Surface Dial, with its new Surface Studio, which is pretty cool and I expect it to be a part of the next Surface Pro 5.


Like every other laptop and tablet, I expect the Surface Pro 5 price to be lower than Surface Pro 4 for similar configuration models.

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