Windows Spell Checker using SpellCheck.NET Parser


In last article I wrote a parser with .NET regular expressions, which is free online spell checking site, and wrap it up in "Word.dll" file. For more explanation about this parser refer to my last article ( SpellCheck.NET Parser with C# regular expression ) In this article I put parser to the test with Windows Form Spell Checker application. Copy "Word.dll" and place it in a bin folder and create a reference to it within application.

How it works:

Start loop through each word, if we found return status "true" continue else if we found return status "false" from CheckSpelling method then break, pass the same word to GetSpellingSuggestions method, and we will get the suggestions in ListBox control. By selecting from ListBox or TextBox control the word is replaced in exact position within TextBox control. Continue this process until end of string.

C# code:

Source code included in zip format for download. And also I have included the Word.dll file, the implementation of parser explained in last article.



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