Working With MS Access And Displaying Data Using Data Grid

In this article, we will learn how to create an MS Access file & display the Data using Data Grid Option.


  • ADO stands for ActiveX Data Object.
  • The ADO Data Control is similar to the intrinsic data control and the remote data control (RDC).
  • The ADO Controls quickly create a connection to a database.
  • Is an application program interface.
  • Writing Windows applications get access to a relational or non relational database.

What is ADO.NET controls?

  • .NET provides a bridge between the front-end controls and the back-end database.
  • .NET objects encapsulate all the data access operations and the controls interact with these objects to display data, thus hiding the details of movement of data.
  • ADO.NET has three advantages - interoperability, scalability, and productivity.

Goals of ADO.NET

  • To provide a disconnected data architecture in addition to support to the connected operation.
  • Integrates tightly with XML.
  • Interacts with a Varity of data sources through a common data representation.
  • Optimizes data source access.


  • To connect a front-end design and back-end database.

Need of Requirements

  • Microsoft Access
  • Visual Studio 2010 (any version)
  • Windows Forms Application.

How to Connect Connection in Visual Studio Windows form Application in Step by step.

Step 1

To Create MS Access file

  • Go to Start → All program → Microsoft office → Microsoft Access.
  • Click the office button → New file

Step 2

  • After creating New file, click on the Browse icon in the screen.

Step 3

  • Create a new table and choose Microsoft Access Database (2000 format).

Step 4

  • Next, click OK button for the given tab.

Step 5

  • Click the Create option.

Step 7

  • Now, the new table will be created in Database. Fill data in the new table.


Step 8

  • After filling the Data in Database, just Save that.

Step 9

  • One dialog box will be open. Enter the table name for the given Data and press OK. 


Step 10

  • To create the Windows form Application to Display the content.
  • Start → visual studio 2010 (any version) → New project → Windows form Application.
  • Give the file name in your particular database name.
  • Press ok to create a new form.

Step 11

  • The new form will open.

Step 12

  • To draw the data grid view control on the form.
  • In that control will be toolbox.

Step 13

  • To click on the top of data grid view icon.
  • And click choose data source

Step 14

  • To click Add project data source option.

Step 15

  • The data source configuration wizard dialog box will be open to click the next button.

Step 16

  • The database icon will be selected and click the next button.

Step 17

  • Select a new connection button to select a database.

Step 18

  • Click the change option

Step 19

  • Choose Microsoft Access Database File (OLE DB).
  • Click ok button.

Step 20

  • After selecting the browse option select the saved table (Access file).

Step 21

  • To select the already saved file.
  • Click open button.

Step 22

  • The data source configuration wizard dialog box will open and click the next button.

Step 23

One dialog box will open and click the yes button.

Step 24

  • The data source configuration wizard dialog box will open and click the next button.

Step 25

  • To select the tables option in this given window.

Step 26

  • To open the form design page .

 Step 27

  • Run the given program to press F5 key (or) click run option.


  • The output will be displayed in the Data Grid view box.

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