AngularJS Recipes

AngularJS Recipes

Rahul Saxena

In this book we are going to learn AngularJS with practical examples.

  • Published on Jul 16 2015
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AngularJS is a JavaScript library framework that provides a structured method for creating websites and Web Applications. 

Table of Contents
  • About this eBook
  • An Introduction to AngularJS
  • How AngularJS Extends HTML
  • ng-init directive for initializing AngularJS application variables
  • AngularJS Expressions Double braces
  • AngularJS Application with AngularJS Architecture
  • Use Number in AngularJS
  • Using Object in AngularJS
  • Arrays in AngularJS
  • Perform Data Binding in AngularJS
  • Repeat in AngularJS
  • Controller with Method in AngularJS
  • Making Controller in External File
  • External Controller File using repeat
  • Filters in AngularJS
    • Currency Filter
    • orderBy Filter
    • Filter by Taking User input
  • Showing Data in a Table after reading from Controller external File
  • Showing Record from External Controller File in a Table with CSS style sheet
  • Showing Records in a Table with Index Value
  • Using if condition in AngularJS With Even and Odd in a Table
  • Make disable button on CheckBox Click
  • ng-show Directive
  • Button and click event in AngularJS
  • Another Example of Button Click in AngularJS
  • Show/Hide on button Click in AngularJS
  • Modules in AngularJS
  • Making a Registration form with input text and button
  • Creating a Registration form with Validation
  • Summary

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