Microsoft Azure Step by Step Guide

Nitin Pandit

In this book we are going to learn Azure with practical examples.

  • Published on Jun 10 2016
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This book acquaints you with Microsoft Windows Azure and how to host your Web Apps on Azure via FileZilla. It also enables you to learn Windows Azure Service Bus and Cloud Services Scheduler in Microsoft Azure along with providing insights to how to create a Mobile App in Microsoft Azure.
Table of Contents
  • Getting Started With Microsoft Azure
  • How To Host Your Web Apps On Azure Via FileZilla
  • Configuring A Custom Domain Name For An Azure Website
  • Virtual Machine In Microsoft Azure Step by Step - Part One
  • Creating A Virtual Disk Virtual Machine In Microsoft Azure Step by Step: Part Two
  • Use of SQL Azure In Visual Studio 2015 Step By Step Guide
  • Entity Framework With Microsoft Azure SQL
  • Introducing U-SQL- Make Big Data Processing Easy
  • Installation Of Azure SDK And Blob Storage In Azure: Part 1
  • Upload Image To Azure Blob Storage In ASP.NET: Part 2
  • Demo Project Azure Blob Storage With ASP.NET MVC 5.0: Part 3
  • Getting Started With Azure DocumentDB: Day 1
  • Querying In The Azure DocumentDB: Day Two
  • Manage Azure Mobile Services: Part One
  • How To Create A Mobile App In Microsoft Azure
  • Manage Database Settings Of Azure Mobile Services
  • Get Twitter Account Connected Into Microsoft Azure
  • Blob Storage Live
  • Cloud Services Scheduler In Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Media Services Overview And Playing Media
  • How To Use API Apps In Azure
  • Manage Data In Microsoft Azure Machine Learning
  • Working With Azure RemoteApp
  • Microsoft Azure Service Bus
  • Top Interview Questions and Answers Of Cloud Computing And Microsoft Azure

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