What Is Deno And Will It Replace NodeJS

What Is Deno And Will It Replace NodeJS

Ishika Tiwari


  • Published on Jan 31 2024
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If you’ve minified some code for your website or web app, you should have kept the original, unminified code for future reference. If you accidentally lost the originals or are reverse-engineering some code from another developer, you might need to unminify some already minified code. That’s where our totally free unminify tool comes in!

What is minification?

When a developer writes code, they will usually write for their own eyes to read it. They’ll make notes to themselves, split out the code onto multiple lines so it’s easier to read, and even write out explanations of what’s happening so they can reference it later.

While this is very helpful for the coder — and any other developers that would wish to read it — it’s not helpful for web pages, slowing down loading times needlessly.


Minification is the act of removing all these “useless” bits and parsing down the code to only what the computer needs to see. It can drastically reduce the sizes of code files, which simultaneously reduces load times.

What does this unminify tool do (and not do)?

This unminifying tool will take minified code and expand it so it is easier for humans to read. It can do this with files or with copied code snippets. It supports JavaScript (JS), CSS, HTML, XML, and JSON code.

This unminification happens within your browser itself, so you don’t need to worry about a server going through your private or proprietary code. All your code and files stay local.

However, this unminifying tool will only parse out the code based on the minified code. It will not restore a minified file to its original state. In other words, if the person who wrote the code added lots of notes and superfluous information in the original file, this will not restore those notes as they would have been discarded during the minification process. It will only take the code you give it and deobfuscate or unpack it.

How to use this unminify tool?

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