How to query WiFi access point for list of users connected to it ?

chetan jaggi

chetan jaggi

Feb 9 2010 9:25 AM

Consider a WIFI network and we are given a random local ip eg and i want to find out WIFI access point through which this user is connected without using anything on user side , (using a C# program).

I think two possible solutions can be -

1) Trace a path to given ip so that the node before the given ip in the will be access point.

2) Query all acess points and get a list of users connected to them. Then we can search any given ip (eg in this case) in those lists.

My Problem is i dont know how to implement any of these two possible solutions in c# (Windows Application) prefrebly but if its not possible in C# post something in vc++ too.

I think 2nd solution of getting list of users will be more appropriate. So suggest me something to implement this thing in c#.
How can we get list of users from an access point ?