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  • Who Is An Enterprise Architect8/10/2017 4:53:20 PM. Earlier, I wrote two posts on the basics of EA, but in this post, I am taking a step back and trying to explain the difference between an IT Architecture and an Enterprise Architecture and sequentiall
  • Basics Of Enterprise Architecture - Part One5/6/2017 11:42:27 AM. In this article, you will learn the basics of Enterprise Architecture.
  • Factory Pattern in VB.Net12/1/2012 3:13:09 AM. A Simple Factory Pattern returns an instance of one of the several classes depending upon the parameters passed to the shared/non-shared factory method.
  • Great Plains Dexterity customization in VB.NET12/1/2012 3:09:06 AM. This article is for intermediate Great Plains Dexterity developer. It describes the directions to phase out Dexterity functionality and replace it with newer technologies.
  • Extreme Programming9/30/2012 5:08:51 AM. Extreme Programming is new development technique getting adopted in the software development and the key strength of this methodology is simplicity, team work, quality and testing.
  • Integration of InfoPath with SharePoint9/30/2012 4:19:30 AM. InfoPath is based on industry-standard Extensible Markup Language (XML). Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a condensed form of Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) that enables developers to create customized tags that offer flexibility in organizing and presenting information.
  • Adding Discovery Features to BizTalk Server 2004: Part I5/15/2012 7:26:48 PM. This article explores the concepts of the BizTalk-UDDI mapping process and the similarity with the WSDL-UDDI mapping process. By the other way the second article is focused in the implementation and use of the BizTalk Server 2004 UDDI Publishing Wizard tool.
  • How to Get Data from EnterpriseLibrary 5.07/7/2011 1:24:30 AM. In this Post you will see how to Bind Dropdownlist using Enterpriselibrary 5.0.
  • Starting With Sharepoint1/31/2007 2:32:10 AM. Microsoft came up with an idea of "Sharepoint Server", and now it's only a matter of few clicks to build an enterprise-portal. This article shows you how.
  • Talk to SharePoint through its web services8/22/2006 10:09:02 PM. Microsoft Office 2003 is very tightly integrated with SharePoint by utilizing its web services. Windows SharePoint Services comes with sixteen different web services. SharePoint Portal Server 2003 supports an additional five web services. The web services provided by SharePoint do provide a vast array of features.
  • Publishing Exception in SPS Web Parts8/22/2006 10:07:12 PM. This article tells the safe way of publishing exceptions using Microsoft Exception Management Application Blocks from WebPart.
  • An in-depth look at WMI and Instrumentation: Part II2/2/2006 1:07:24 AM. In this second part of the series, you will learn how to work with WMI classes and class instances, and then demonstrates the wealth of information available through the Win32 and IIS WMI providers.
  • Microsoft CRM Customization: MS Exchange Transport SMTP Event Sink2/2/2006 12:36:27 AM. Microsoft CRM has variety of customizations options and tools. The official and the most popular is Microsoft CRM SDK: collection of C#.Net and partially VB.Net classes, methods and code samples.
  • Microsoft CRM Integration: Oracle Database Access from MS CRM2/1/2006 7:27:09 AM. This article shows customization possibility demonstration for user web interface of Microsoft CRM.
  • Enterprise Library 1.02/1/2006 7:15:49 AM. Enterprise Library is a set of tested, reusable application blocks that address common problems developers face when developing enterprise-based applications.
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