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  • Register Your Assembly in GAC Using Gacutil Exe5/17/2014 10:34:42 AM. Here you will learn how to add an assembly to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC).
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  • Macro to Add Strong Names to VS.NET Projects2/16/2006 12:30:58 AM. When writing class libraries in Visual Studio .NET that are going to be placed into the GAC you will need to add strong name to the assembly. This is normally done by dropping out to a dos prompt and running the .NET utility sn.exe and then updating the assembly to reference the newly created .snk file.
  • How to work with Assemblies in InstallShield Developer 7.012/24/2005 12:40:44 AM. InstallShield Developer 7.0 is the best solution for providing the very easy user interface to author installations having both .NET and side by side components. This article is a step by step walk through of how to create a deployment project using InstallShield.
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  • Global Assembly Cache(GAC) Hell12/19/2005 5:20:03 AM. After having worked on a project involving heavy use of the Global Assembly Cache, I would like to tell you that using the GAC can be very frustrating. We had a solution which had several projects within the solution. Many of these projects referenced 1 project (utility project) which did a lot of the work which we could reuse.
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