New Enhanced Web Development Features in Visual Studio 2012


Microsoft released the new version of Visual Studio 2012. When the new technology arrives, it will have many types of enhancements in many features. I am introducing the enhancements of the Web Development features in Visual Studio 2012. The following are the enhancements:

  • General Enhancements
  • Data-Related Enhancements
  • IIS Enhancements

General Enhancements

There are many types of general enhancements for Web Developments. They are the following:

  • Recent Web Standards

    The new type of HTML Editor supports the latest version of HTML which is HTML5. The new version of CSS, CSS3, is also supported by the CSS editor.


  • Debugging in a Variety of Browsers

    Now the developer can debug the same application in various types of browsers that appear in a list in the toolbar.

  • Page Inspector

    The new Page Inspector feature helps to quickly find the source of the rendered markup elements. When any developer selects a rendered element the Page Inspector opens the file in which the element is highlighted. 

  • Create and Edit of Code and Markup

    When you change any control's opening and closing tag, the corresponding opening or closing tag is changed automatically. When the Enter Key is pressed in any empty tag pair, the cursor automatically appears on a new line in an indented position.


    After pressing the "Enter" key:

  • Efficient use of CSS

    Now you can collapse sections and hierarchical indentions in the new CSS Editor. You can also select the color like HTML Editor.

  • Improved IntelliSense

    In HTML and CSS, IntelliSense has the capability to show the corresponding list as you enter text. This feature helps to determine the strings that match the typed text in their beginning, middle, end or against initial letters. For example, if you type fs then it will match font-size.


Data-Related Enhancements

The following are Data-Related enhancements:

  • Automate Validation

    DataAnnotation is the new attribute in the properties to validate frequently used data types like phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

  • Deployment of Database

    When any database is deployed with any web project, the changes related with the schema of the database are automatically propagated to the destination database. You will see the changes in the next deployment.

IIS Enhancements

With the release of Visual Studio 2012, IIS Express is also released. IIS Express is the default Web Development Server for Visual Studio 2012. It is a lightweight, self-contained version of IIS that has all the capabilities of the IIS Web Server. 


In the preceding article I have provided the information of Web Development Features Enhancements in Visual Studio 2012. But friends, I'll post further if I get any new information about the enhancement of any other development features. The information of these new technologies never end. It grows up again and again whenever you explore your ideas.