Check System Compatibility For Windows 8


Microsoft has launched Windows 8, the new version of Windows that comes with many new features and many changes. Windows 8 also has many improvements to provide a user-friendly Windows for the users. In some cases, however, when you try to upgrade from a previous version of Windows to Windows 8 we encouter an issue and get the error message "Your PC isn't computable with Windows 8 ". Because your computer hardware doesn't satisfy the Windows 8 system requirements.

There are some features like PAE, NX, and SSE2 that might not be supported when you try to install Windows 8. If your PC supports the feature and you can set this setting using a BIOS setting then that fixes this problem otherwise you can't install Windows 8 on your PC. In this case it's important to check your PC before installing Windows 8 to determine if Windows 8 can be installed. To check your PC compatably you need to get the "Coreinfo" tool.  Coreinfo is a small tool for helping users that don't know whether their PC supports Windows 8 or not.

You can download Coreinfo from this link:

How to determine PC compatability with Windows 8.

Step 1

Download Coreinfo and extract its. In this example we are placing Coreinfo.exe in "C:\Users\Pkumar".


Step 2

Launch a "command prompt" as Administrator.


Step 3

In the command prompt type the path of the folder containing "Coreinfo.exe" and press the "Enter" button.


Step 4

In this step it will show whether your PC supports Windows 8 or not.


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