Create Shortcut Icons in Windows 8

Microsoft has launched Windows 8. Windows 8 provides much more from Microsoft. It is full of rich features and Metro apps that make a good user interface experience. By default in Windows 8 any user can easily uninstall the Metro application from the system. In Windows 8 the user has the ability to create shortcut icons. You may create your own shortcuts for your conveneince.

Windows 8 provide an easy way to personalize the setting and customize all the Windows apps on the start screen in the form of tiles. But sometime you want to create your own shortcuts for easy navigation to the apps that are the most useful. The user can add shortcut icons such as Shutdown or Reboot shortcuts back etc.

In this article we are going to learn how to create an icon in Windows 8 to restart your system.

Steps to be followed:

Step 1 Go to the following path.


Step 2 Click on the Accessories folder and open it.


Step 3
First right-click on the desktop and choose New and then select Shortcut.


Step 4
Enter the item for the shortcut. Here we use a command for restarting the computer. Then click next to continue.


Step 5
Enter a name for the shortcut and click the Finish button.


You can also change the icon button of the shortcut.

Step 6 Right-click on the icon and choose its properties.


Step 7
Go to the shortcut menu and click the change icon button from the bottom.


Step 8
Now, you can pick icons that are available in the system, or you can use the Browse button to pick an icon you downloaded off the web.


Now, you can drag it onto desktop to create a shortcut icon for quick launch. When you double-click on the shortcut icon this will restart your computer system.


Step 9 Double-click on the shortcut icon on the desktop.

Your computer will restart.


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