Automated Clearing House (ACH) Tool Using Windows Forms

This is an article regarding the development of an Automated Clearing House (ACH) tool using Windows Forms. This article covers the following:

  1. Tree view
  2. DataGridView
  3. Context menu
  4. Tooltip and other.

To understand what ACH is refer to the following:

The main back bone to develop this is from the reference:

Use the following Number in Batch Header and Entry Detail where necessary.

In Batch Header enter 111000025 in the textbox provided for ODFI.

In Entry enter the same in the textbox provided for RDFI.

To use balloon fashioned tooltips instead of the regular ones, refer to the following article and make the necessary changes as you need to.

Sample screenshots:


You can also edit the required by selecting from DataGridView:


A sample file format will be as follows

101 111000002 1110000251104080635A094101
5220MudiamInc kskjdfhklsd A510488567CCDITServices110408110408 1111000020000001
622111000025465456 00000000014654654654 sdfsdfsdf sd0111000020000001
6231110000254654654 00000000024456 sdfsdf sd0111000020000002
62411100002554654 0000000003356564564 dsfds sd0111000020000003
6321110000251321321 000000000454654 dfsdf sd0111000020000004
633111000025321321 000000000521321321 sdfsdfsdf df0111000020000005
634111000025321321 00000000061232123 dfsdf sd0111000020000006
642111000025123213 00000000073213 sdfsdf sd0111000020000007
643111000025321132 00000000083123132 sdfsdfdsf sd0111000020000008
6441110000255345435 000000000945345345 dfgdf fg0111000020000009
652111000025321321 0000000001321321 dfsdfs sd0111000020000010
653111000025321321 0000000005321321 sdfsdf sd0111000020000011
654111000025321321 00000000064654654 dsfsdfsdf tr0111000020000012
82200000120133200024000000000000000000000057 111000020000001

Image for the sample file


To help understand what the flow is for ACH I am describing a few points:
  1. Each and every file will begin with a FileHeader which starts with 1.
  2. Each and every file has multiple batches and a batch must and should have at least one entry. A batch record will start with 5 and an entry with 6.
  3. Each and every batch will be preceded by a batch control which holds all the necessary information of the batch.
  4. Each and every file will end with a file control which starts with 9.

Sample Structure of file:


This is the overall idea of how to generate an ACH and also many know how to use Tree view, DataGridView, context menu and all together in an application.

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