How to create a website using Sharepoint Designer 2007

In this article we will see that how we can use sharepoint designer to create a new WebSite.

Step 1: Open Sharepoint designer and click on Web Site link under New of File menu Tab.

Step 2: Specify the location and name where you want to create a new website. Here in this case it is 

http://spdevserver:1002/   -- it is Web application address where we want to create new web site. TestSite is the name of new website.

Step 3: After specifying the address click on Sharepoint Templates. You will see the list of template. Select the appropriate template and click OK.

Step 4: Here in this case we have selected Blog site template.  As we click on OK button our new website creation process is done.

Now you will see the below screen in Sharepoint designer.

Now to see the newly created website right click on default.aspx and click on Preview in Browser.

You will see your website in new window.

In this way we can create a new website using sharepoint designer 2007.

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