SharePoint Designer Work flow: Part III

In this article I am explaining, how to  update a  list item using share point designer. 

This is my list say Task List.


Here I am updating the list Item % complete to 100, if the Status is completed while editing or adding event item.
  1. First of all you have to open your web application in sharepoint designer


  2. You have to go to File --> New --> Work Flow as shown below


  3. From the next screen, you have to give a name for your work flow.

  4. Select  the List where you want to incorporate the work flow from the second drop down as shown below

  5. Select automatically start this work flow when new item is added  or changed.


  6. Click Next

  7. From the next screen select "Conditions" then "Compare Task Field"


  8. From the next screen, select the field you want to compare. I selected Status the value you set as completed.



  9. Then click on "Actions", then select "Update List Item"


  10. From the next screen click "This List" then select "Current Item" from the List drop down


  11. Click on Add button Select Set Field value as " % complete" To This Value as 100.

  12. Click OK and Finish. You are done


  13. You can see in the above screen. I didn't filled the value for % complete but I made the status as completed

  14. In the below screen you can see it is updated with 100%


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