Three State Work flow in Sharepoint

Here I am showing you how to use sharepoint default work flow named three state work flows.

A three-state workflow can be used to track documents in a SharePoint document library by using 3 different states.

I have document library with the following fields as shown in the image below


  1. Important field need for a three state work flow is State field containing any three states.Here I have three states named

    1. New
    2. On Review
    3. Completed

  2. Go to Document library settings-->then work flow settings

  3. From the new screen select Three-State Work flow


  4. Select start this work flow when a new Item is created.

  5. Click Next

  6. By Default it will take the Choice column you created


  7. You can write custom email messages as shown below



  8. Then click OK

  9. Your three state work flow is now associated with the document library. It will send email as per your configuration.

  10. It will automatically create a task list and saves the activities for our reference


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