Introduction to CRM

Customer Relationship Management
Figure 1: Customer Relationship Management

CRM is Customer Relationship Management

  • It helps to manage the existing and future customers.
  • CRM helps you to generate new leads using social media, email, data centers and so on.
  • The main goal is to store the complete information of a client and determine the data and to increase sales and customer relations.
  • CRM is helpful in the synchronizing the data automatically, where it generates the appointments, greetings, marketing and all on its own.
  • It is both used in customer-centric, focused as well as B2B marketing.
  • Today we have marketing of business over another business where CRM is widely used for this type of B2B marketing.

Characteristics of CRM

Customer Service
Figure 2:
Customer Service

  • Customer oriented, proper service provided along with one2one communication.
  • Salesforce automation which means sales promotion activities with repeated sales or future sales.
  • Activities to the exiting customers.
  • Using technology such as a data warehouse using immediate client requirements.
  • Opportunity management.

Importance of CRM in B2B

  • It helps to gather more knowledge about a customer with their complete details.
  • This can help in getting new leads to make future customers using existing customers.
  • This is a big network that will increase in amount and so the business.

CRM in Social Media

CRM in Social Media
Figure 3:
CRM in Social Media

  • Sales promotion activities are done in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Getting feedback from the clients in socila media that will boost the business into the contacts of your clients.
  • Your clients as well as the public will be able to have a glance at your product or company.
  • A brand is automatically created in social media.


Figure 4: CCRM

  • A CCRM is a CRM that is mainly focused on customer preference.
  • Individual and interactive communication with the clients.
  • Retaining customers.
  • Building brand royalty.
  • Providing the necessary info that the customer actually wants.
  • Rewards from the customer.

CRMs in Business

Today, there are many CRMs in market. Some of the common CRMs include Salesforce CRM, Oracle CX, Microsoft Dynamic CRM, SugarCRM, and SAP AG. Here is a list of CRMs with their feature comparison:

This was an overview of CRM. These days almost every business need a CRM and as developers, we must know what a CRM is.

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