An Introduction to the Types of CRM

There are mainly the following three types of Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

    • Operational CRM
    • Analytical CRM
    • Collaborative CRM

Let us explain them one by one here in this article.

1. Operational CRM

This type of CRM is mainly used for interacting effectively with the customers. This mainly deals with the three areas of business logic Automation, Enhancement and Improvement of services.

There is major automation support these days for operating CRM for the purpose of marketing, selling and sales.

Let us now explain the automation techniques.

Marketing Automation

This is one of the most important and necessary for a business where, if the marketing is automated, then the business closing will be easy and a large number of customers will be found for the company. Manual marketing will not reach 100/100 in the society whereas we can target 99/100 using marketing automation. This deals with marketing campaigns that consists of a simple, unique and straight forward process. All the campaigns will be done using computerized and finally the campaign leads will be filtered systematically depending on the needs and will be converted respected into contacts and then to accounts.

Salesforce Automation

The main purpose of salesforce automation deals with the probability of new customers and managing existing customer;s services and a resale to the existing customers. This is done automatically where all the data of both the new customers and existing customers are been maintained automatically depending on the time period.

Service Automation

This deals with the data that will be stored with a date about customers. Anyone in the team who has access can view the specific customer needs and will provide respected solutions. This also deals with the case management and a customer can raise a case and get it solved.

2. Analytical CRM

This is the second type of CRM.

Analytical CRM is called back-office maintenance where this does not relate to sales directly or the service directly on the customer. Instead, this will create an analytical analysis with all the records and processes and creates a strategy about the company's direction. This will assist in developing, supporting and enhancing the future of the company along with the customers. This will be in a report format as well as diagrammatic representation, say dashboards that will be easy to analyze with the percentage and accurate calculations.

  • Creating dashboards and reports with the information collected.
  • Collecting data about customers from various channels and modes.
  • Developing, enhancing and guiding the path to success and gaps that needed to be filled in the company.

3. Collaborative CRM

This is a third type of CRM.

This is a CRM type where all the details from all the CRM are mixed up here, that is the information and data collected from all the departments such as sales, marketing, service all will be used to provide loyalty to the customers and create a strong relationship with them. The customer viewpoint must be monitored and considered at every point of level.

If the strong relationship is built then there will be many possibilities, such as:

  • Your customer will always be your customer.
  • There will be new customers because of existing customers.
  • Your competitors can compete with only your products and not your customers.
  • The benefits of CRM can help obtain strategic business value and customer value to its customers.
  • Helps to identify their best customers.
  • It makes real-time customization of products and services possible, based on customer needs.
  • Helps in providing a consistent customer experience and superior service.

Thus, we saw a small overview of the three major types of CRM.

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