Debugging With IntelliTrace - Visual Studio 2010

Most talkative feature of Visual Studio 2010 is nothing but the IntelliTrace feature, which provides a new way of debugging. This is major enhancement in Visual Studio 2010, which helps in two ways, the developer to debug faster, the tester to record the bug and send it to the developers to figure out the exact line of code. Various benefits of this feature are explained in detail as below.

Productivity Increases

Mainly it helps the developers as well as testers to maintain a good relationship and also to increase their productivity by reducing the time to find and fix the issues. Tester can record their steps while testing and send the bug to the developers. Developers can go to the exact line of code using the Intellitrace and fix the issue. Testers no need to go back from steps for testing, they can run the recorded testing and continue from the step where they found the code. It really increases the productivity.

Rewind History

We can easily rewind the history of the bug which helps a lot to the developers to fix the issue quickly. Without IntelliTrace you would have to restart the entire application, but now it's not at all required. Simply you can click the IntelliTrace link and it will go to the line where the exception has occurred. You can find all the breakpoint event in the IntelliTrace window.


Non-Reproducible Errors

This is the main problem for developers, because in testing machine any exception can occur which is always be non reproducible by the developers mostly. IntelliTrace provides a good solution for this issue and helps the developers as well as testers, globally makes the entire product or project to be delivered soon. Previous debugger provides only a little amount of information about the exception occurred, but this IntelliTrace provides the entire information about the problem occurred, and we can rewind the history n number of times to reproduce the issue, So that we can easily fix the issue without any confusion.

In general IntelliTrace provides three capabilities

  • Record
  • Playback
  • Rewind

Make Coding and Debugging faster by utilizing this IntelliTrace feature.

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