Article Manager In Joomla Using PHP


This article explains the Article Manager in Joomla using PHP. Joomla provides an Article Manager and you can easily manage your website articles. I will explain how to manage your website articles using the Joomla admin panel. First of all you will log into your Joomla admin and then you will click on the content menu. Then select what you want to use, like an Article Manager, Category Manager and so on, such as:

click on content menu

But here I will select the Article Manager and click on this option that then opens the Article Manager window.

click on article manager

Your Article Manager window opens and here you can add or delete your article as you want.

For adding a new article click on the new button.

Add new

If you want to delete any article then directly click on it and trash it.

trash article

If you want to publish or unpublish article.

When your article is already published you will check it and click on the unpublish button.

click on unpublish button

And finally your article is unpublished and the article will not be showing in your web because it is unpublished.

unpublished article

If want to publish articles then check all and click on the publish button.

checked all

published article

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