Manage And Install Joomla Template In PHP


This article explains the management and installation of the Joomla template in PHP. The Joomla template is your theme and you manage the use of the Joomla extension manager settings and here you can install or remove a new template but Joomla provides by default three or four templates. When you want to use or install a new template or theme you can download it depending on your choice from and after downloading your template you will log into your site and click on your extension menu. Then select extension manager as in the following.

Click on the extension menu.

extension menu

And the extension manager opens as in the following.

extension manager option

After clicking on the extension manager, open your extension manager settings window then click on the browse button and choose your downloaded template package.

choose setup

Click on the button to upload and install.

upload and install

It will then display a message indicating a successful installation.

extension manager instalation successful

And now follow the next step to select the template manager option.

template manager option

And choose your template and check it as in the following:

checked your template

Then click on the edit option and open your template details window.

click on edit

and the option next is to select the menu assignment and check your menu as in the following:

click on menu assignment tab

Finally click on the save button.

template configuration

And in the next configuration again go into the extension manager and choose your template and check it then click on the enable button as in the following:

template manager

Finally your new template is installed and the old template is disabled as in the following:

old template

New templatenew template

You can install any template or theme in Joomla using the tricks given above.

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