LightSwitch Solution Explorer Views


One of the features in Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch is Views in the Solution Explorer. You cannot find a feature like that in previous Microsoft IDEs like VB.

Types of Views in Solution Explorer:

There are two types of views available in the Solution Explorer.

  • Logical View
  • File View

You can select the type of project view of a LightSwitch project by selecting the project view dropdown button on the Solution Explorer pane of the Visual Studio LightSwitch IDE.

Logical View:

If you think "I don't care I just want to get the job done", then your option is Logical View.


File View:

If you think "I need to see everything" then your option is File View.



Here is the real time example for both Logical & File Views.


The above one is for File View, you can see inside the glass house.

The below picture is for the Logical View; a wooden house - you can't see inside.


Now you may understand the Views in Solution Explorer of LightSwitch I guess.


In this article, we have seen Views of Solution Explorer in LightSwitch.

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