Bing Silverlight Map Control in Silverlight 3


Bing Maps has released a Silverlight version which can be used with Silverlight 3. In this article we will see the basics of Bing Silverlight Map Control.

Installing Bing Maps Silverlight Control SDK 

The SDK is available in Microsoft and can be downloaded from the following link: 

After you download the SDK, install it to a target folder. The installation will copy required assemblies to the target folder.

Creating Silverlight Project

Fire up Visual Studio 2010 and create a new Silverlight 3 Project. Name it as BingMapSample.

As we talked about the assemblies, these contain the Bing Silverlight Map Control.

Let's have the reference of the assemblies to the project.


To view the Map you need a key. Register your application and your application url in and get a key for the Bing Map.

After you have the key, you can use the key as the CredentialProvider property value. See below XAML code.

Now if you run the application you can see the Bing Map in Aerial mode.

You can scroll your mouse to view your location. You can change the view to Road, or Labels also.

Hope this article helps.

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