Creating A LAMP Stack Using Bitnami In Microsoft Azure (Virtual Machine)

LAMP Stack is a popular open source web platform commonly used to run dynamic web sites and servers.

A LAMP stack consists of the following different elements:

  • Linux: Operating System
  • Apache: Web Server
  • MySQL: Database Server
  • PHP: Programming Language

Create a new Bitnami LAMP Stack (Step by Step)

Firstly, go to your Azure Portal and need to click on NEW.

After clicking on “NEW” you will be provided with more options. Click on Compute.


After clicking Compute, you will be provided with a lot of Virtual Machines and click See all option.

Now you search LAMP Stack in Filter box and choose LAMP Stack 5.5.15-0-dev (Ubuntu 14.04).

Now you will get Bitnami LAMP Stack page and click on Create button.

Now you need to fill up some information about your Virtual Machine as in the following screenshot and click Create Button,


After some time you will see that your “Virtual Machine” is ready and “Running”.

Thanks for reading this article.

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