Pivotviewer control in Silverlight

The Silverlight PivotViewer makes it easier to interact with massive amounts of data on the web in ways that are powerful, informative, and valuable. PivotViewer lets us present thousands of things at once and visualize them in a way that exposes value from the group. PivotViewer experiences range in complexity to build. All involve the creation of a collection. PivotViewer is now available for you to begin building and embedding your collections directly onto your webpage. 

For this example we need the following things:
Once you have all the things mentioned above, then open Excel and go to "Pivot Collections" tab. Click "New Collection" from the toolbar.

This will open two worksheets:

  1. Collection Items
  2. Collection Properties
I have created a new collection of members of the this site with different roles.


Now from the ribbon select "Publish Collection" to view the output in the browser. It will ask to save the collection.

Different outputs are as follows:


Filtering the records based on "Admin".


Viewing the particular record in the collection.


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